Digital Marketing Strategies for Fitness Studios

“Hey, dude, I have searched about the gym you suggested yesterday but there is no information about it on google. So, I have chosen another gym named XYZ.”

“Hey, Broh, I have searched for the location of the gym you told me about, the other day, but I couldn’t find it. So, I joined in a nearby gym.”

Have you heard these sentences one time or another? yes?.  I heard too.

Why this is happening?

See, in today’s world, everything is on the internet. Even though we heard it from people around us, we will cross-check about it using search engines.

If we don’t find particular information about any topic or a thing, we automatically assume that may be a piece of false news spreading all over.

We are trusting search engines on everything, from small products like toothpaste to big products like Laptops.

So, why am I saying all these?

Because Nowadays everything needs an online presence. It may be anything.

And so, there is no exception for gyms/fitness studios, when it comes to online presence.

How do you promote yourselves and your gym/fitness studio online? Here comes Digital Marketing.

What you have to do?

First of all, identify your target audiences, Whom you are targeting is more important. Because there are lots of people out there, not everyone is willing to change their lives, so you have to choose who your target audience is.

Then create an ideal customer, your ideal customer should have the characteristics of your trained people or whom you think would come to the gym/fitness studio. So, that you can easily understand who is your potential audience.

Once you are done identifying your Target Market and Ideal Customer, Now look into some other best things to do.

Digital Marketing for Gyms/fitness studios:

Design a Website:

Design the best website for your gym/fitness studio keeping your target audience in mind. Make sure you design the website such that if a new member enters your website he can easily find what he wants, without taking much time.

Do SEO for your site, so that one can easily find your website online. That helps you to get organic traffic to your website.

Upload your gym/fitness studio equipment and gym/fitness studio environment pictures on your website and let the people know what you have for them.

Make a video of yourselves saying how your gym/fitness studio differs from other gyms/fitness studios, make videos of equipment you have, and take feedback from your training persons or trained persons put them on your website.

Write articles about how going to the gym helps in one’s life, about the equipment your gym/fitness studio has and Articles about some tips for gym persons, etc.

Special Tip 1

Always provide value first and then sell the service/product.


Because any person needs to understand what you are going to give him. So, give some value first before you are actually going to sell the service. The value you provide first may make him more interested in your service/product and that will make your sale easy for you without much interactions because he already saw how you train the person, how you behave, how is your gym environment and all, so he will be more convinced than the person who doesn’t know anything about your gym/fitness studio and you.

You may get customers by offering your services with special limited offers and also get premium members with that, but once he gets in and then he didn’t like your product/service then you lost a customer and that will give a negative impact on your Promoting strategies.

So, to avoid all these, if you give some value to the customer instead of special offers and if he really likes your service/product he will pay for it without much thinking.

YouTube Marketing:

YouTube is the second searching platform after google. Most people love to see than reading.

So, opting for a video instead of an article is the best way to get more customers nowadays.

So, make videos of your gym/fitness studio and your equipment, your training, and feedback from past and present customers.

Make videos about Equipment usage and the benefits of that equipment.  and some training videos in your gym/fitness studio.

It will reach many people and helps in word of mouth. As they are seeing you and your gym/fitness studio it will increase their trust in your gym/fitness studio and yourself.

That will give you more targeted customers.

And you can also use youtube to advertise your gym/fitness studio. which will also give you customers

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the best friend to gyms/fitness studios for marketing.

There are so many social media networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So, what you have to do with these networks? ADVERTISE your gym in these channels.

Most people use these social media platforms. So, you use these channels to advertise your business.

In these ads, we can customize and narrow our audience so that the ad reaches the most precise audience.

We can customize parameters like age, gender, language, and area.

Create pages under your gym/fitness studio name in all social media account, post some useful content in it.(like FB page, Instagram page etc)

And also, Create some private groups for your existing customers based on their goals.

Keep posting funny, meaningful, and motivational fitness content that is useful to help their goals.

Create some premium groups for most interested people and charge extra to become part of this.

Engage your people with your content and let them make interactions with one other. So, that they will feel like they belong to one community. and many people like to be in a community rather than be an individual.

By engaging members continuously, you can also build and maintain loyalty that lasts for years.

And make sure your advertising to your current customers also, because keeping existing customers is also important.

special tip 2

Call to action:

When you are advertising make sure you have a call to action. Let the customers know your aim for that ad in a clear way.

Call to action means for what you are advertising, for traffic to a particular article? Make sure your advertising link goes to that article when someone clicks on the advertisement link.

want to get a call? then make sure you gave a proper working number to call when someone wants to contact you by seeing your ad. And give them a strong reason to call you, not just to learn about the gym/fitness studio but for something important.

If you give an ad saying “contact us to lose weight” then if one customer calls you by seeing that, don’t confuse him by telling all your gym/fitness studio services, just talk to him about his goal and make sure he understands the training program and ask him to come and visit your gym/fitness studio and attend few free training sessions so that he can build a good relationship with you. That’s the way you can give some value to him before selling your services. He will like it too.

Mobile Marketing:

You can also give advertisements in Mobile applications. they may be games apps or any other apps, by these, you can get the customers.

You don’t really need to own an app to increase your business, just advertising in other apps also helps.

If you want to own an app, you can. Still, to better reach you can advertise your app, website, and gym/fitness studio in other apps and any social media platform and on google too.

Google Marketing:

Google gives you the most accurate traffic by organic searches so advertising in google gives you better reach to your accurate and targeted customers.

As Gym/fitness studio is a location-based business you can also add your gym/fitness studio to google my business, which will help your customers to find your location easily.

so, these are the strategies I know,  if you know any other strategies to help in marketing gyms/fitness studios let us know in the comment section.

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