Do you have a Healthy mind?



Yes, you read right.

I asked you, “Do you have a healthy mind?“

And if the answer is ‘Yes’, well, congratulations!!!

If it is ‘No’, then let’s get started.

Are you trying to be healthy? And are you a healthy person?

Now-a-days many of us are trying to be fit and healthy, and we are doing different kinds of  exercises and yoga, and also controlling their food intake( called diet). In this diet also we are also following different types of diets. To become what we imagined to be. 

Now, my question is  are we becoming really healthy?

Okay, let’s say, yes.


Then what about our mind?

Main functionality of the body depends on mind working. 

Is our mind healthy?

What if we have a healthy body but unhealthy mind?

Then we can’t lead a happy and healthy life.

To know whether we have a healthy mind or unhealthy mind first of all we need to know how our mind works and what are the signs of healthy and unhealthy mind . Right?


See, our mind has different layers of consciousness

  1. conscious mind
  2. Subconscious mind

Conscious mind ::

  It is that space of mind that has the data that we are aware of. And it will react to the situations that are happening around us. This is the place from where your thoughts come from. This is the master of the subconscious mind. It will interact with the outside world.

Subconscious mind::

The subconscious mind isn’t aware of anything. This is a place where you can imagine things from, habits are built and maintained. It believes whatever you say to yourself daily. It can’t distinguish between right or wrong.  The subconscious mind obeys whatever the conscious mind says. It just stores what you think you are & gives signals to the conscious mind so that the conscious mind will work according to that.

The conscious mind and subconscious mind are in loop.

See, the thoughts come from the conscious mind and they feed to the subconscious mind, thoughts take imaginary shape in subconscious mind & it  believes that it is true, then the conscious mind will react to the outer world according to the subconscious mind believes.

Now if you think you are a lazy person and if you say that to yourself a number times per day then that thought will be imprinted on your subconscious mind then as the result you lose all your interest to do the things and become lazy.

Have you ever felt like doing nothing but sitting around watching movies, playing games and just chilling all the time?

That means you trained your mind like that, to do the things which are unproductive.

If you feed your subconscious mind with the negative thoughts it will believe that negative thoughts as true and you will become a negative person. Thus you will become the hub for negativity and you will spread it.


Like that your mind will become unhealthy. If you do unproductive things someone will question you about your actions, if they did, as you believe that is the good thing to do then that person will become your enemy.

If they continuously question you, you will get angry, then you tend to do something bad in that angry mood, then they start leaving you, then you become alone, it leads to loneliness, then to depression. Like that it goes to mental illness.Your perfect body, your fitness and your well planned diet none matters here.

So, that will happen if your mind is unhealthy.

More number of people look for outer perfection but less number people look for inner perfection, So many members neglect what goes into their mind and concentrate on what goes into their mouth. They never understand the thing that goes into mind comes out from mouth and it is important, not the thing that goes into mouth.

I am not saying you don’t need to watch what you are eating but  you have to give priority to the things that go into your mind.. You have to watch the things that go into your mouth to give proper energy to your mind so that it can do it’s work. so, you have to watch both what goes into your mind and your mouth to lead a healthy life.

Your body is built by your mind, whatever you fed to your mind that is with you made of.

Listen, we can lead a happy life without legs or with one leg or with one arm and even with a single kidney but have you seen a person living happily with the negative thoughts in his/her mind? That person will never be happy, he/she will always be in some random state of mind.

See, your subconscious mind is the most powerful tool you ever come across. If you get control over your mind and use it properly you will become the person you dreamt for.

If you think positively then you will become a positive person. So you attract positive things around you. So that good things are done to you. That’s a sign of a healthy mind.

Like you train your body to be fit, you have to train your mind to be fit too.

If you can train your mind to be healthy(positive), your self worth will increase, you can achieve what you want in your life.

Healthy mind gives a balanced mental & emotional state which allows a person to be productive during their day, contributing meaningfully to the community they live in.When the balance is disrupted, it can be difficult to function positively.

Good mental health helps you enjoy life and cope with problems, it offers a feeling of well-being & inner strength. Just as you take care of  your body by eating right and exercising you can do things to protect your mental health.


To train your mind to be healthy, do the things listed below,

  1. Think positively ( to get positive energy),
  2. Play games like puzzles and sudoku (to think logically),
  3. Be with positive minded people( for the inspiration),
  4. Meditate daily ( to improve concentration),
  5. Exercise (to be active),
  6. Listen to music ( to find peace),
  7. Do Brain dump ( to sort the thoughts in your mind),
  8. Read a book (to improve knowledge).

If you properly take care of your mind, that will automatically take care of your body. Because the creator(Mind) knows Creating(creating your body) and repairing ( if anything changes, takes you back to normal state) also.

Try to think positively and try to train your mind in a healthy way. And let me know your experiences in the comments.

If you want to listen to this article, feel free to check my YouTube channel. Link to the video is here

Trust the Miracles of Mind and be healthy!!!



Thrishula Alle






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